Nice to Have Gnome Shell Extensions

(M)Eine Liste der Gnome-Erweiterungen, welche ich bei mir permanent aktiv habe und auf dem Debian-Desktop dienlich sind - produktiv & visuell.

Auto Move Windows

by fmuellner

Move applications to specific workspaces when they create windows.

Bluetooth quick connect

by bjarosze

Allow to connect to paired devices from gnome control panel.

Control Blur Effect On Lock Screen


Control the Blur Effect On Lock Screen.

Dash to Dock

by michele_g

A dock for the Gnome Shell. This extension moves the dash out of the overview transforming it in a dock for an easier launching of applications and a faster switching between windows and desktops. Side and bottom placement options are available.


by dlandau

GSConnect is a complete implementation of KDE Connect especially for GNOME Shell with Nautilus, Chrome and Firefox integration. It does not rely on the KDE Connect desktop application and will not work with it installed.

Hue Lights

by chlumskyvaclav

This extension controls Philips Hue compatible lights using Philips Hue Bridge on your local network. If you are experiencing an error on the upgrade, please log out and log in again.

Icon Area Horizontal Spacing Fixed

by Tarballwalf

Reduce the horizontal spacing between icons in the top-left icon area.

Improved Workspace Indicator

by MichaelAquilina

Slightly improved workspace indicator that shows both current and in use workspaces similar to i3/sway

Kernel Indicator

by elboulangero

Display the kernel version in the top bar

Launch new instance

by fmuellner

Always launch a new instance when clicking in the dash or the application view

Monitor window switcher

by gedzeppelin

Improves the window switcher on dual (or more) monitor setups

Mouse battery

by anthony9981

Battery indicator for bluetooth mouse. A clone version of Keyboard Battery

Multi Monitors Add-On

by spin83

Add multiple monitors overview and panel for gnome-shell.

Native Window Placement

by fmuellner

Arrange windows in overview in a more compact way.


by hedayaty

Displays Internet Speed

Places Status Indicator

by fmuellner

Add a menu for quickly navigating places in the system.

Refresh Wifi Connections

by kgshank

This extension adds a refresh button to the Wi-Fi connection selection dialog to manually request for a network scan.

Removable Drive Menu

by fmuellner

A status menu for accessing and unmounting removable devices.

Remove Dropdown Arrows

by mpdeimos

Removes the dropdown arrows which were introduced in Gnome 3.10 from the App Menu, System Menu, Input Menu, Access Menu, Places Menu, Applications Menu and any other extension that wants to add dropdown arrows.

Remove Rounded Corners

by ogarcia

Removes rounded corners from main panel or top bar


by win0err

The cat tells you the CPU usage by running speed

Sound Input & Output Device Chooser

by kgshank

Shows a list of sound output and input devices (similar to gnome sound settings) in the status menu below the volume slider. Various active ports like HDMI , Speakers etc. of the same device are also displayed for selection. V20+ needs python as dependency. If you want to continue with the old method without Python, use options to switch off New Port identification. But it works with only English

Status Area Horizontal Spacing

by p91paul

Reduce the horizontal spacing between icons in the top-right status area

Top Panel Notification Icons

by 5th0

Display notification icons in the Top

User Themes

by fmuellner

Load shell themes from user directory.

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